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News on the Lakes

Hand made and scaled, Mackinaw Schooner that was recently launched and moored at Ponshewaing. Made by a local resident with indigenous materials, authentic sails, lines and rigging, even the block & tackle were hand made. It was sailed for the first time at dusk on Wednesday the 4th.

Ray McMullen presents "the bird" to Wayne Blomberg. This merganser decoy was found while Ray, Wayne, Dudley Marvin, and Larry Marvin were looking for invasives on Crooked. It was given to Wayne to thank him for the use of a boat from Ryde Marina.

Larry and Ray on the prowl.

The Marilyn Jean is here! (replica owned by Inland Water Route Historical Society).

Dudley Marvin and Jan Quaine show off one of our many new informative kiosks.


Dudley, Larry, Dave, and Wayne at Ryde Marine cleaning our aquatic blankets for the winter.

Relocating aquatic mats to control  invasive Curly Leaf Pondweed. Volunteers, Ray McMullen and Larry Marvin.



Another successful season at the Walleye Pond - Over 120,000 fingerlings were collected; and lots of pollywogs!


Returning from the Crooked River clean up...over 10 bags of garbage,
a barrel of recyclables, a bicycle and enough floating wood to sink a
fleet of pontoons!!  A special thank you to all who helped!!

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